Google Chrome Plans To Ease Up Photo Sharing Via A Future Update

It seems that Google is very picky with its Chrome browser. Google, like the monarch that it is, either introduces the new feature or not to Chrome. But you can’t get upset with Google. It must go on inventing if it doesn’t want to lose the competition with all the other browsers.

This is what Chrome has done, even after all the users’ negative reviews that Google received last year. Of course, Chrome has another agenda — to seduce its users; to make them acknowledge Google Chrome as their default browser.

So, what did Chrome do this time? Its incoming feature promises to help the users share photos more straightforwardly by copying them from Google Chrome directly to the Android clipboard, and vice-versa.

Google Chrome To Ease Up Photo Sharing

For the new function to be possible, it looks like Chrome will soon deliver a new item in the context menu. At least, that is what the XDA Developers revealed about the commit they have recently discovered.

Instead of using the old Android’s share menu, the only thing the users will have to do is to enable the new feature in Google Chrome. Then, using the well-known long-press on the image on Chrome, they will be able to copy the image to the Android clipboard. That’s how it works.

Google has not yet launched the new feature. At the moment, not even the UI button is available. There are speculations that the respective context menu will have a “copy image” action for the before-mentioned feature. But if it will be available soon, Google would add an exhilarating feat to Chrome this time. Fewer steps before sending a photo could mean less time to think about what image you will send, so take care of your privacy.

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