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Google Chrome Tries to Block the Download of Insecure Files

Google is apparently trying numerous regulations to contain its security. The tech giant has revealed the fact that it will now block the download of all insecure files, therefore, enabling secure or HTTPS web pages to get only secure data or files.

Before permanently restricting the insecure files, the browser will basically notify users so that their privacy would remain safe. Google Chrome has recently released its various versions; the new Chrome 82 is set to launch in April 2020, and will allegedly alert users when they try to download phishing content from an HTTPS web page.

Future Google Chrome Versions Will Implement the Feature Gradually

After the Google Chrome 83 version rolls out, these annoying files will be permanently blocked, and the notification alert will be included to archive files. Around the time Chrome 84 update gets out, all the PDF and .doc files will be getting the warning notification.

With the Chrome 85, all the unwanted files, including audio, text, as well as the video, will receive the warning message. Finally, after the 86 version goes live, all the different hacking contents will be restricted from getting downloaded. If things so according to Google’s plans, Chrome 86 will be released sometime in October 2020.

In case Chrome users get down insecure files or malware, there is a high chance that the hackers are able to access their information, Google stated. Also, if the user has had significant online payments, the attackers can get the details of their bank information, including how much money they have transacted.

The tech giant intends to enhance its security after it received reports about hackers utilizing the same web page design to create malicious URLs. As soon as these URLs or websites were created, they were emailed or sent via SMS to the users. Once the user tapped on the links, their private data was in the open, allowing the attackers to access their information without their knowledge.



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