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Google Chrome Version 80 Comes With Numerous Additions

The web version of Google Chrome has received a new update, bringing enhancements of the browser. The roll-out, Google Chrome 80 update, has sustained significant changes, and the developers are actively promoting a review of the unwanted features, and also adding numerous other functionalities for a more enhanced browsing experience.

Something worth noting is the fact that the version 80 of the browser seems to lack a few experimental features the developing team had implemented throughout the last few months.

Google Chrome Version 80 Update

Google has incorporated numerous significant features with the latest stable version of the Chrome; the first one, the ‘Notification Prompts,’ is rather immediately observable as every website now shows it. Mozilla has previously stated that 99 percent of Firefox users do not encounter website notifications, and perhaps Google will most likely follow the lead.

In addition, there is now a checkbox meant for quieter messages in the browser’s notifications settings. Users might have to turn on the ‘#quiet-notification-prompts’ in ‘chrome://flags‘ if they cannot access the setting. The option is available under Settings>Notifications>Advanced>Additional Settings>Use quieter messaging.

With the latest update, Google is trying to implement the completely encrypted and safer HTTPS web communication regulation. The browser’s update also comes with adjustments for broad users, as well as for developers.

More Changes Implemented With the Version 80 of Google Chrome

The new update brings support for Custom Elements V0, Shadow DOM v0, and WebVR v1.1 have been completely deleted. Cookies are now marked as ‘SameSite=Lax’ in order to avoid cross-site cookie reading, and synchronous network requests that appeared while closing tabs have been removed.

Pop-ups generated when a tab is being closed have also been removed, as well as the support for HTML Imports. In the new update, websites can now verify what decoding capacities your device has, and a new ‘Periodic Background Sync’ functionality now allows websites to send notifications with no need to create an external server.

The new Serial API enables websites to communicate with the hardware via a physical or virtual serial port, after allowing it to, and finally, SVGs can now be utilized as favicons.

Besides the released version 80, Google Chrome has also undergone some significant spring cleaning that removed unnecessary features.



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