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Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge – A Fair Comparison of The Two High-End Browsers

A lot of Microsoft Edge users are confident that the browser is clearly superior to Chrome, the most popular browser on the market. Microsoft introduced Edge in Windows 10 five years ago, but since then, the browser has evolved a lot along with its features.

Edge supporters are invoking their favorite browser’s better privacy settings and the consuming of less resources as arguments for why Chrome is a less efficient browser. On the other hand, those who prefer Google’s web navigator to the detriment of Microsoft Edge are reminding of Chrome’s superior speed, the stability that makes it suitable for every website or online web app available out there, and more. But which side is right? Let’s find out together:

System usage

Ok, Microsoft Edge is doing better in this area, but just how good? The answer is about twice as better as its rival Google Chrome. The browser created by the tech behemoth headquartered in Mountain View is draining more than half of CPU and RAM than the Edge browser does.

Therefore, if you want to navigate among the web while having several other apps open, the Edge browser is the right choice in this case. Of course, it doesn’t apply if you have a monster PC with 32GB of RAM and an i10 processor, for instance.

Security and privacy

Yes, Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome in this area, and we want to say it again out loud. Edge offers three privacy options that control the level of tracking possible in the browser: Basic, Balanced, and Strict. Balanced is the default option and blocks potentially dangerous addresses, but you can choose Strict for even better privacy. Google Chrome has nothing similar, although you can achieve the same results by installing an extension.

Platform support

Google Chrome is not the older browser for nothing. It is supported on more platforms and clearly wins this round against Edge. Chrome is available on iOS, iPadOS, Windows 10/8/7, macOS 10.10 and up, Linux, and of course: Android and Chrome OS.

Microsoft Edge runs on iOS, iPadOS, Windows 10/8/7, Windows Server, Android, and macOS 10.12 and up.

Feel free to tell us your own personal thoughts about Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge! By our comparison, Edge is better at two out of three critical aspects.



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