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Google Earth Update Launched With Improved Creation Tool and Other Improvements

We have all heard of Google Earth. It’s definitely something we all have fun “playing.” Google Earth is a computer program that shows a 3D representation of our planet, and it is based on satellite imagery. The Earth is shown as a 3D globe, and it allows users to see cities from different angles. You can explore it by entering a specific address or coordinates. You can also download it for your tablet or smartphone.

Google Earth features

It has been said by Google that this program covers 98% person of the world, and that is has captured about 10 million miles of Street View imagery, which is a distance that could circle the entire globe about 400 times.

Google Earth also comes with incredible tools for the desktop app. There are also globes for the Moon and for Mars, and you can also see the night sky. There’s also a flight simulator game. The info is provided by Wikipedia for various locations. The web version also has the Voyager feature, which adds in-program tours.

Some have accused Google Earth as being a threat to privacy and even national security, and the program was banned in multiple countries. Other countries have asked the creators to obscure certain areas in the images – those with military facilities.

What’s new in the latest Google Earth update?

The creation tool allows you to make the team with others and make amazing maps and stories with Google Earth on the web. You can see the project in the new Project tab on your android device. Also, the devs have implemented new bug fixes and improvements in this recent version of the app.

The new Google Earth update for Android is already available on the Google Play Store, so you can download it right now and enjoy virtually navigating around the world.



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