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Google Earth Pro Update Comes with GeoJSON format and New Street View

Google Earth is a fabulous app that allows you to virtually explore certain places across the world like cities, buildings, streets, oceans, mountains, and so on. You can even go to the next level by seeing countless nearby stars, which really gives you that feeling of pettiness but also makes you eager to explore more.

But the Google Earth Pro app becomes even more interesting along with the arrival of its update, and we’re glad to present you the changelog:

  • GPS imports now support the GeoJSON format.
  • The Street View experience has been updated.
  • Plus code search results was enhanced.
  • You can display plus code by pressing Shift+right-click on map.
  • “View in Google Earth on Web” button can now open the current view in Google Earth on web.
  • Addresses security vulnerabilities CVE-2020-8895 and CVE-2020-8896.
  • The placemark can be automatically repositioned when adding a photo. It repositions to the GPS location of the photo.
  • Fixes connectivity issues that were occurring after reconnecting to WiFi.
  • Other minor fixes and updates.


Initially released almost twenty years ago in 2001, Google Earth is a program that renders a 3D representation of our planet based primarily on satellite imagery. You can use the program for your PC, smartphone, or tablet. The app maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, GIS data , and aerial photography onto a 3D globe. This allows users to see cities and landscapes from different angles. Users can thus explore our beautiful planet by simple entering addresses and coordinates, or by using the age-old method of navigating with a keyboard and mouse.

Luckily for us, an app like Google Earth will always be popular. By using it, you can plan your whole route before actually going to a specific place, without the need to use energy and neurons for memorizing a lot of paths.



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