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Google Finally Reveals its Pixel 5 Flagship Smartphone

​Tech giant Google has just announced its Google Pixel 5, which is the latest 5G flagship smartphone that features both hardware power and software abilities.

Google launched the latest MadebyGoogle products, which include the newest Google Chromecast, the Google Nest, Google TV, and the new Pixel range of smartphones. All the devices are amazing consumer products that merge both hardware and software advancements at a great price.

This is particularly true for the Pixel 5 – at an affordable price of $699, not only do users get flagship features, but also great software improvements.

Google Pixel 5 Joins the 5G Movement

After a year and a half, Google now joins other tech giants in developing 5G-supported phones. The Pixel 5 doesn’t have all the additional functions in its hardware, but it only showcases what users look for in a smartphone. It has a 6-inch screen display with a small punch hole camera on the top left camera, and the selfie camera is an 8 MP lens.

On the rear side, the Google Pixel 5​ has only two lenses – a 12.2 MP sensor and a 16 MP ultra-wide lens. All three cameras on the smartphone have the iconic Google image processing software implemented, and the company even took the function further by including some AI features. Portrait pictures taken on the phone can be retouched with proper lightning using AI, a function Google refers to as ‘Portrait Light.’

A Flagship Without Compromise

Google Pixel 5 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G,  identical to the chip running on the Google Pixel 4a 5G. Google has kept the price of the Pixel smartphones low, making up for it by including a third-party SoC with their own Titan M Chip.

Google is advertising Google Pixel 5​ as a great device for both gamers and regular users. It has implemented all cloud-based operations on the phone, including playing games on Stadia and streaming ultra-HD videos.

Google Pixel 5​ has 8 GB of RAM and a non-expandable internal memory of 128 GB. It will be available starting with October 15th in 9 countries.



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