Google Hangouts vs. Skype: New Differences and Improvements

Let’s make the world a safer place together by staying at home and choose to talk to each other by video calling apps. There are so many ways of doing this since so many companies are proposing their apps. We can choose between WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber, Google Meet, Messenger Rooms, and last but not least: Hangouts and Skype.

Today we’ll be speaking about the last two, as we believe they are among the best apps for video calling and conference. But choosing which one is better is a real challenge.


Skype offers a series of interesting features for video chat that come in handy especially for small businesses, but also for regular and friendly conversations between two people. With Skype, you can share your screen with others, record a conversation, turn on subtitles to display on the display the words spoken via calls, and much more. The group chat is very tempting for Skype, as the feature allows up to 50 participants, while Hangouts allows only half: up to 25 people.


Hangouts can help you be more expressive while using photos, messages, maps, emojis, and even videos as your status. You can also use the service to call any phone number in the world for a small fee. Furthermore, callings to other Hangouts accounts are free of charge.

Google Hangouts also allows you to connect your Google Voice account for SMS texting, phone calling, and voicemail integration. You can also keep in touch with contacts from Android, iOS, and the web. The possibility to sync chats across all your devices is also worth mentioning.

Both Skype and Hangouts are free of charge and as for encryption, both apps are great as they encrypt data between the device of the user and the companies’ servers. We believe that Skype is better overall, but the final decision of which one of the two apps to use is all yours.

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