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Google I/O 2020 Scheduled for May 12-14 — The Rumored Pixel 4a Might Be Revealed

As we are all accustomed, Google has revealed the date after people participated in online games that helped restore a fictional satellite network. As the game was completed, the satellites spelled out the date of the event.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai followed up with an official announcement on Twitter, saying they will hold the conference near their HQ, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Google’s annual developer conference will take place starting with May 12, until May 14, at Mountain View, California. What will we see at the conference? Expect both software and hardware reveals.

Google I/O 2020: What to Expect from Google’s Event?

Looking back at last year’s Google I/O, we remember seeing the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. This could mean Google is getting ready to announce the rumored Pixel 4a.

However, XDA Developers have discovered some codenames in Google’s apps, showing that the company could also launch two mid-range phones this year. Alternatively, these two devices could be the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 4a XL. The codenames for these smartphones are Redfin and Sunfish:

  • Redfin could come with a Snapdragon 765, and Android 10 on board. Some suggest that Redfin could also be the Pixel 4a XL.
  • Meanwhile, Sunfish might be powered by Snapdragon 730, and XDA thinks this could be the leaked Pixel 4a.

Another hardware that is going to be announced at the conference could be upcoming Nest hardware, considering in 2019 we saw the Nest Hub Max.

Android 11 Beta Release at Google I/O 2020?

As for software, we have seen Google reveal future Android updates and services, so we might even get a look at Android 11. Maybe we will see an Android 11 beta release at this year’s event.

In 2019, the first Android Q beta went live in March and the third one was released at Google I/O, which could be a pattern Google might follow this year as well. More Google’s I/O 2020 plans should follow in the coming weeks, as the conference gets closer, so we will make sure to keep you updated.



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