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Google Just Added This Amazing Safety Feature to Its Pixel Smartphone

Google is announcing the next part of the new software features which will come to the Pixel smartphones. After they added carcrash detection last year, they want to expand more this part of personal safety features with a new safety check tool. This one is bound to make sure you’re okay if you’re out somewhere alone – taking a walk or running.  

So when you enable this feature, you will set a time when you want to check-in. And when that time comes, the safety check will take over your whole screen and will ask for your status. You can dismiss the message and say that you’re okay, and start sharing your location with your emergency contacts, or you can dial 911. If you don’t respond in a minute, the safety check will automatically notify your emergency contacts and will provide your location on Google Maps. Keep in mind that there is no option for automatically calling 911 because the company wants to prevent false positives. 

Even if it might not be a dangerous situation, it’s actually a beneficial safety measure. iOS doesn’t have this.  

Bedtime mode

There is also another significant addition, and that is the bedtime mode, which will be added to the Clock appAccording to Google, “Fall asleep to calming sounds and limit interruptions while you sleep — and if you stay up on your phone past bedtime, you’ll get a snapshot of how much time you’re spending awake and on which apps.” 

Use Google Assistant for recordings

The next thing that they want to add is for those people who rely on the recorder app. You can use your Google Assistant in order to start recordings or search the ones you already have. The best thing is that you can get transcripts of your recordings in Google docs.  



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