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Google Maps Adds a New Feature: The “Temporarily Closed” Option for Businesses Shut Down During Lockdown

Many of the businesses out there rely on Google Maps in order to show their clients the locations of the business. However, because of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have shut down. Google Maps is adding a “temporarily closed” option for these businesses. We believe it is a very useful feature. Here is all we know about it.

Google has recently announced that they allow the business owners to mark their location as temporarily closed, with the help of the Google My Business portal. The change will appear in the Google Search results and on Google Maps. By using government data and other authoritative sources, the change would be made automatically.

A forum page explains to all business owners how to mark their businesses as “temporarily closed,” both in Maps and in Search. Keep in mind that this feature cannot be used by those businesses running limited hours because of the outbreak, but by those that have shut down entirely.

According to Google, in order to make your profile appear as temporarily closed on Google Maps and Search, you will need to sign in to Google My Business, then go to the menu on the left. From there, click on Info. To the right, there’s the section Close this business on Google. You will need to click on the arrow, then click Mark as temporarily closed.

If your business is affected by the new coronavirus, make sure you follow the steps from the above. This way, you will inform your clients about the situation with your business with the help of your Maps listing. The option should be available to all business owners out there.





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