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How to Find your Google Maps Plus Code That Shares Your Location

Would you like to share more precise location data with friends or family in order to make it easier for them to locate you? As a CNBC article explains, Google actually has the methods, but they have not marketed them yet. A hidden feature of theirs is called “Plus Codes” and contains digital addresses. These digital addresses are essentially Google’s version of longitude and latitude. Using these codes, a campsite can be located even without a classic address. To put it differently, “Plus Codes” enables you to find a specific piece of land anytime.

These “Plus Codes” are different from Google’s “Share Location” feature, which tracks Google Maps users as they are moving around. Google has now started to push out an update that facilitates Android users to employ these plus codes. In order to see how the codes work, type P2X7+9Q New York in Google Search, Google Maps, or on the Chrome web browser. This will take you directly to the Empire State Building on all three applications.

It is also possible to find the “Plus Code” showing your current location. You just have to follow these five simple steps:

  • Open the Google Maps application on your Android phone
  • Press on the blue dot that shows your current location
  • The “Plus Code” for your location will pop up at the top of your phone’s display
  • Share the “Plus Code” with someone you trust, such as a family member or friend
  • If you happen to be moving, it would be a good idea to also press on “Share Location”

These steps are a little different if you are using an iPhone. Here they are:

  • Open the Google Maps application on your iPhone
  • Press and hold the screen to the location where you are located on the map, leaving a red marker there
  • Google Maps will then show a pop-up, presenting your location
  • Pull up the pop-up menu
  • See “Plus Code” nest to a marker icon above the latitude and longitude data
  • Copy and paste the “Plus Code” and send it to someone


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