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Google Maps To Begin Displaying Traffic Lights On Android In US

Google Maps would start showing traffic lights on streets and intersections in the United States, reports say. That feature would be impressive, especially in combination with Google Maps’ plethora of other features.


Google previously experimented with marking intersection with traffic lights for a few months, but that feature is thankfully receiving a complete rollout!

Google Maps traffic light support is a tiny static marker in the center of an intersection, showing a traffic light there.

The user must zoom in really close to observe the traffic lights, but if they zoom in just enough, they can spot the traffic lights on Android, iOS, and web.

Data Availability

As it is the case with other Google features, the displayed information heavily depends on Google’s data set, which is present predominantly in the US.

They are displayed when you browse the map or navigate regularly.

For the moment, it doesn’t appear like Google has a purpose for the traffic lights feature other than displaying them on a map.

It would be excellent in the navigation to say “turn right at the next light” for verbal directions, but that is not yet.

Similar technology is implemented on high-end Audi cars. With the help of a subscription service, users have access to live traffic light countdown data. The vehicle lets the driver know how fast they must go to pass the next light on green.

Curiously, Apple offers the same feature in Apple Maps since iOS 13 was launch.

Additionally, Siri is Capable of using traffic lights as directions.

We don’t yet know which Google Maps version you must own to have access to the feature. Stay tuned for more!



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