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Google News Update is Here With Bug Fixes

Google News is a news app that brings you the stories of what is happening in the world. It comes with a ‘For You’ tab that makes it easy to stay up to date with everything taking place globally, providing five daily news stories for you.

The app organizes the news, offering you briefings that include a mix of the most important headlines, local news, and the most recent advancements on the topics you’re interested in.

Google News’ Features

Google News’ ‘Full coverage’ functionality offers users with a broader picture of how a story is reported from a number of sources. With one tap, you get to see top headlines from various sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, news analysis, social commentary, as well as a timeline of events for stories that developed with time.

The ‘Headlines’ tab provides a view of top and breaking news articles from all over the world. Extra sections allow you to dig in more on business news, sports, entertainment, tech, as well as national and international news.

Google News also comes with a ‘Newstand’ tab that makes it easier to find and follow the sources you trust and browse to discover more. It also enables you to access over 1,000 magazine headlines in a mobile-optimized format.

The app also offers you the chance to support your favorite news publisher by subscribing with your Google account, which means you no longer have to fill in forms, credit card numbers, or new passwords.

Google News is meant to meet the needs of every user with various models of mobile devices and levels of connection. It can be used on every smartphone, everywhere in the world. Even though it may happen that your connection is not that strong, or you need to save data, the app will keep functioning slowly by narrowing down the size of pictures and downloading fewer data.

Google News Update

The app also gets updated often in order to offer users a safe and exciting experience. The latest roll-out, Google News update, doesn’t bring any new features but comes with bug fixes and overall performance enhancements.



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