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Google News is Set to Receive Full Dark Theme and Other Features

Google’s News app is a meaningful one. Not only does it provides you a feed of the essential things occurring around, but it is also developed for your needs. For example, if you’re interested in tech-related stuff, then the app would offer you news on such a theme.

Google is in continual development and wants to provide users the best functionality and experience. According to XDA Developers, we will soon enjoy some brand-new features, a Full Dark mode, and News Rating.

Upcoming Features in Google News

Probably the most intriguing feature is the dark mode. Back in 2019, Google did release a dark mode for its proprietary apps, but the functionality was restricted. Any outward link opened didn’t utilize this. Such a thing happened with the news app, too. Upon-opening any news, it would open in an in-app page with a different than the dark theme.

Google wants to fix that issue by offering an app-broad dark theme. If developers succeed in doing that, it would mean that opening news would be in dark mode, too. XDA had also tried to see how that would work, and they realized a simulation.

As a second feature, ready to be introduced is the idea of rating the news provided to you. Google’s AI runs all the time to ensure you only receive the best content that is perfect for you. Moreover, according to the news, Google intends to bring a rating system displayed as a Thumb Up/Thumbs Down option.

Users would choose what to rate, whenever they want, picking as well, what would they desire to see up next on their news feed, either is about the genre or topic. Unfortunately, we don’t know precisely when all of those features will arrive. XDA Developers indicate that Google is almost done with the work phase and would be releasing the feature very soon.



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