Google Opinion Rewards: Everything We Know

From time to time, Google Play will send promotional push notifications about specific deals and editorial content. Users were asked to download Google Opinion Rewards, which is an excellent way to earn Play credits. For this one, there were no push notifications, but the alert appeared in the Play Store as a red dot in the left corner of the screen, next to the hamburger button. By opening the navigation drawer, users could see the numbered badge, placed next to the “Notifications” menu item.

It advertises how you can “Earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards.” There were a triangle logo and a green button with “Install now,” which will take you to the Play Store listing for Opinion Rewards.

You can also earn Google Play credit, which you can use on specific apps and games, books, or movies when you answer some brief surveys.

We must confess, it seems a bit tricky. Some believe the entire thing is quite useful, but it’s quite different than the past notifications. We’ve heard of “5 offline games you can play anytime”, but this one is not related to the content you find on the store. Opinion Rewards does give you credits, but it’s not really associated with the Google Play Store, but with Google Surveys. In some countries, by answering questions, you also get paid.

All the other notifications usually make their appearance for app pre-registrations, and those that are related to built-in functionality ask users directly. The Opinion Rewards goes under the “Deals and promotions” category, and it notifies users when there are some offers that the developers think they would like.

We are not sure how many users received the notification and how many will receive them from now on.



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