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Google Pixel 4 Deal: It’s Still Here for Cyber Monday

We have all heard of the Google Pixel 4 deals. Well, they were supposed to be finished by now. Except they are not. The Google Pixel 4 deal is still on the website as if nothing happened, and the deal has not expired. So guess what!

The best Pixel 4 price is still available, and it surely is the most popular Cyber Monday deal of 2019. It is just like this: monthly bills of £29, with the upfront cost of £9.99, and a data cap of 20GB. It’s a fantastic deal. But then, you should know that there is also the Google Home Hub that’s available on the site, so this bargain is unique and should not be missed.

We do not know for sure when the deal would be over. Will it meet its end the same as the Black Friday phone deals? Or will it be extended through Christmas? We have no idea. But if you want to take advantage of this fantastic offer – and trust us, you should – then you might want to get it as soon as possible.

But is the Google Pixel 4 good?

This device comes with amazing features and significant upgrades for the equipment. It’s really the first device to thoroughly add the motion sensor features, which allows you to use your phone with gestures.

The process got the best deal, too, with a significant upgrade, which brings the Pixel series up to the competitive standards of RAM. Also, the OLED screen comes with amazing improvements – it is now capable of 90HZ refresh rates. It also offers ambient EQ technology, which allows you to adjust the screen to your environment.





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