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Google Pixel 4a Battery and Charging Capacity Could Beat iPhone SE’s

The Google Pixel 4a won’t have the same 18W fast charging technology as the previous devices in the series, but the developer has implemented within it a higher battery capacity of 3,140 mAh, a recently-discovered certification listing implies.  

Found by DealnTech, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission has a listing for a Google smartphone that has the codename G025J, the same code that’s been spotted in listings in other government regulators’ databases, including the FCC.  

This Could Crush the iPhone SE  

The NCC listing also had the ID numbers for the Pixel 4a’s battery, as well as for the charger that comes in the box. DealInTech has managed to cross-reference this number with the German TUV Rheinland certification database and discovered the figures mentioned in the image below.

Screen capture of the Pixel 4a listing on the NCC website. [Image: NCC-DealnTech]
We would not expect Google to introduce a major change when it comes to its charging technology on a budget smartphone like the Pixel 4a. That said, the 18W charger, while it is better than some other tech giants’ offerings, including Apple‘s 5W charger that comes with the iPhone SE, is starting to appear a bit more low-yield.  

Samsung and OnePlus, probably the two biggest rivals to Google in terms of the Android smartphone space, provide 25W charging and 30W charging, respectively. However, we hope to see the Pixel 5 get some faster-charging technology when it launches late this year.  

Screen capture from the TUV Rheinland database showing the same batteries as the NCC listing.


Pixel 4a’s Battery Specs  

Pixel 3a sported a 3,000mAh battery, so it is good to see the Pixel 4a having a little more capacity for power at 3,140 mAh. The 3,080 mAh ‘rated capacity’ figure depicted on the specs sheet is the guaranteed minimum capacity for the battery because no two cells are completely identical and could have more than that.  

Still, manufacturers always mention the higher ‘typical’ capacity when selling their smartphones, which is why the 3,140 mAh is more important. It is not a bit battery, but it’s better than the 1,821 mAh capacity the iPhone SE is able to offer, according to unofficial reports, so it should beat the competition in this area. However, with the OnePlus Nord probably having around 4,000 mAh battery, Pixel 4a’s battery is not sufficient without some powerful battery management software earning every last drop.  

There is no information regarding possible wireless charging for Pixel 4a. Google’s Pixel 3a did not have the 18W charging technology that the company provides for its flagship devices, but with the iPhone SE coming with wireless charging, there are rumors that Google may also implement it to the Pixel 4a. Still, other than a single image of the Pixel 4a on a wireless charging pad, released to the public by case maker ESR, there has been no sign of it for now.  

Google has initially planned to launch the Pixel 4a in May, but continuous delays have meant it could come as late as October. Whenever it is released, we are keen to check out its new punch-hole display design, which is a first for Pixel devices, and the way Google has managed to enhance the specs found on the Pixel 3a’s already incredible photography technology. 



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