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Google Pixel 5 – Latest Leaks, News, Price, Release Date

The Google Pixel 5 launch date is expected to be sometime at the end of this year, which enables the company to retool and apply the feedback Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL owners gave. However, before the Pixel 5 launches, we’re going to get the Pixel 4a phones, which are mid-range versions of the Pixel 4, similar to the Pixel 3a.

The latest rumors and leaks report numerous specs the Google Pixel 5 will feature, and we got them here.

Google Pixel 5 – Release Date and Price

It is rather early to suggest a definite Pixel 5 release date, considering the crisis that came this year, but we can take an educated guess. Pixel 4 launched on October 24th of 2019, and we can, therefore, expect another release by then in 2020, given that every Google Pixel flagship has launched in October.

When it comes to price, the Pixel 5’s cost will most likely be the same or higher than the Pixel 4’s, which had a starting price of $799. However, Google may plan on dropping the price, as a survey appeared asking if consumes would purchase a ‘premium Google smartphone’ at $699.

Still, these are all speculations at this point until something official comes from Google.

Google Pixel 5 – Leaks and News

The biggest Google Pixel 5 leak that surfaced so far is the one claiming a release of the Pixel 5 XL. A high-quality render depicting an alleged prototype of the Google phone has leaked, which you can check below.

As showcased in the tweet, the camera design of the supposed Pixel 5 XL is different and prone to be divisive, but the source says this is one of three models, and the others have a more standard square camera setup. One of the lenses in the array is apparently a wide-angle, which would be a first for the lineup.

Another surprising leak is that the Pixel 5 might not be powered by a flagship processor, as an unreleased code in the Google camera app implies that it uses the upper mid-range Snapdragon 756G SoC. However, the phone may receive an upgrade as Qualcomm has since released that chipset’s successor, the Snapdragon 768G.

Another source has claimed that the Google Pixel 5 will actually use an even lower-end SoC than either of those, namely, the Snapdragon 765. This is a chip that’s a bit different from the G models, but it is older.

Moreover, the Pixel 5 could have a reverse wireless charging functionPixel 5 could have a reverse wireless charging function, as per an Android 11 code found in a developer beta version. This would enable you to charge other devices such as earbuds, watches, or another smartphone, using the device’s charging mat.

There were rumors regarding an ultra-low-power mode that would also be implemented on both the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 5. This mode will allegedly disable a lot of features of the device, such as location tracking and auto-syncing apps, to keep the phone’s battery life as long as possible.

Finally, it appears that the Soli radar incorporated into the Pixel 4 might not be included in the Pixel 5, as per a podcast by Google. This means that the phone will offer no hands-free navigation, but many people reported that the feature is not working very well, so it is not considered a big deal. However, the lack of it could drop the cost of the phone.

Note that these are leaks and nothing concrete as Google has not released any official information of the Pixel 5.



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