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Google Pixel Buds 2 are Officially Available in the U.S.

Google has officially announced and revealed its highly-awaited Pixel Buds 2 back in October of last year. After the devices got listed in a few online stores in the last weeks, the true wireless earbuds are now officially out, but only in the United States and not in Europe for now.

Following a six-month wait, fans of Google devices can officially purchase the brand new Pixel Buds 2. However, those who want to buy the product but are living in Europe have to look around in American online shops.

Google Pixel Buds 2 Are Now Officially Available

There’s no definite clue as to which strategy Google’s marketing division is following exactly for the new Pixel Buds 2. Last year, the tech giant launched its new true wireless in-ear headphones, but after that, no other products appeared.

Then, a few weeks back, the wireless headphones randomly showed up on the lists of online shops in various color options. The range of colors was then shortened, and Google launched the Pixel Buds app on numerous Pixel smartphones yesterday, even before the headphones were officially out.

We find it rather surprising that the true wireless devices are only officially available in the United States first. Still, there are numerous customers in the U.S. as well, but if you want to purchase the Pixel Buds 2 now, you have to choose from a limited color range: the earbuds are, at the moment, only available in Clearly White for $179.

Rumors are saying that the new Pixel Buds 2 will be available in other countries around the world in other color options sometime later, but no one really knows when this will be.

What the New True Wireless Earbuds Provide

Although the design of the brand new Pixel Buds 2 is still the same, Google has been implementing a few features for its functions. As already reported by the company, the headphones can be connected to mobile devices via Fast Pair, or Bluetooth 5.0.

Moreover, the battery should offer up to five hours of life, with 19 more hours with the charging case. The battery can be charged either through the USB-C port or with no cable via Qi charging technology. The IPX4 certification also means that the headphones have a good dust and sweat protection.

If you wanted to see active noise canceling (ANC) technology in the Pixel Buds 2, you wouldn’t get it. Ambient noise, such as wind, is inactively diluted by jaw sensor and beam-forming microphones. Moreover, the devices utilize adaptive sound so that the volume is enhanced when there are louder noises that interfere. If these sources fade, the volume automatically readjusts.

Aside from the built-in Google Assistant, you can also use the headphones to make calls on the mobile device. Users can find the Pixel Buds 2 as well, in case they lost them, through pairing. The earbuds also come with a live translate feature the company says is capable of translating languages using Google Translate live while you talk to another person.



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