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Google Play Services 20.15.16 Launched With Performance Improvements

Many Android users may have explored the list of installed apps and ran into Google Play Services. The app does not seem to have any practical purpose, and there is no way to launch it to see what it does. It is also classified as a system app, and there is no way to delete it from a regular device even if it seems to consume a significant amount of storage space.

About Google Play Services

Google Play Services plays a critical role in the Android OS, as it facilitates the use of a large number of features and functions that are quite handy for users. The app is, in fact, a background service that links several API packages together to facilitate their use without conflicts. It was introduced in 2012 along with the popular Google Play Store.

The APIs offered by Google Play Services are used by app developers for a variety of purposes. Google Play Game services ensure that players can enjoy a competitive experience with the help of multiplayer sessions, leaderboards, and achievements.

The save files for a rich number of compatible apps are stored and synchronized across all compatible devices by the Saved Games API, allowing players to continue the game on any of their devices without losing progress on the other ones.

Many apps rely on the Google Maps Android API to show a customized version of maps without the need to launch the main Google Maps app for this purpose, which is a great boon. Developers can also opt to monetize their apps with the help of Gooogle Mobile Ads, which takes into account a variety of data to deliver customized advertisements.

Latest Google Play Services Brings Performance Improvements

Those who opt to root their device or install a custom ROM may experience issues if they remove the Google Play Services app or do not have it installed as many major Android apps rely on it to function properly. The Google Play Services 20.15.16 update comes with new performance improvements.



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