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Google Play Services 20.26.14 Beta Update Available to Download with New Changes

Google Play Services is Google’s designated service for updating Google apps and maintenance related to other Google Play – based apps.

Google Play Services is a crucial component for app authentication and other base functionalities. Play Services is also needed to synchronize contacts, access the latest privacy settings, alongside improved low-power location-based services.

Current Version

The newest version that was recently released bears the number 20.26.14.

It would help if you considered keeping Google Play Services updated since it’s one of the fundamental apps on your devices, without whom it wouldn’t work correctly.

The Android operating system will let you know if the app is outdated, either by notifying you or by working unbearably slow.

If your device is not working correctly or takes forever to do simple tasks, it might be because Google Play Services is out of date.


You must update the app to version 20.26.14 to ensure you are hooked up to the newest security standards and features.

Since the app is so essential, the operating system typically updates it automatically.

However, in some cases, the OS fails to do so.

Open Google Play and search for Google Play Services. If an update is available, tap the install button.

However, if you can’t find the latest version on Google Play, you can always download the updated apk file from another source.

However, if you choose to download the app from an alternative app market, you pick a trustworthy one.

You wouldn’t want to download and install a corrupted apk or malware-infested version of such a crucial software component.

It would be best if you waited for the smartphone to update the app or appear on the Play Store. If that never happens, check Google’s support page.



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