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Google Play Services (Android TV) Version 20.26.14 Improves Quality and Gets New Bug Fixes

Google Play Services is Google’s tool for updating Google-based apps.

The component grants core functionality like authentication for Google-powered services, syncing contacts, data, accessing the newest security and privacy updates, and improved quality, low-power location services.

Google Play Services also boosts the overall app experience. It improves offline searches, adds an extra layer of immersive use to Android, and takes gaming to the next level.

Google Play Services is so vital that some apps might not even work if you uninstall it.

Google-based apps can’t function without it, so your phone is no more useful than any old cellphone if you uninstall Google Play Services.

Current Version

The latest version was just released – 20.26.14.

We recommend keeping Google Play Services updated because it plays a vital role in your smartphone’s operation condition.

Using an outdated version of the app isn’t optimal because you expose your device to many safety risks and won’t benefit from maximum performance.

Installing The Latest Version

Google Play Services is one of the fundamental apps of your smartphone, and it usually updates itself automatically.

However, in some cases, it doesn’t manage to do so either because it is blocked or something else prevents it.

If you disabled all auto-updates, you can either re-enable them or install the newest version of Google Play Services manually.

To install the update manually, go to your smartphone’s settings app, the apps category, and look for Google Play Services. If an update is available, the “Update” button should be present. Tap it and wait for the phone to do the rest of the work.

Alternatively, you can download an updated apk file from an app market. However, we suggest that you avoid doing that because it is risky.



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