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Google Play Services Version 20.39.15 Steps Up The Quality

Google Play Services is the company’s designated app for updating Google-powered apps downloaded from Google Play.

The component provides basic functionality like authentication for Google Services, synchronizing contacts, access to the newest user privacy settings, and extra quality, improved location-powered services.

Google Play services also improve app experiences. It boosts offline searches, returning more immersive maps, and also steps up the gaming experience.

In many cases, uninstalling Google Play Services will make many apps prone to failing.

Current Version

Android is an operating system that must be capable of running on billions of devices, which means that Google developers have to be continually looking out for problems inside the app.

User reports are beneficial for the developers, as it’s easier for them to improve the experience when feedback is provided.

Considering those two aspects, it’s obvious why Google Play Services receives updates weekly (sometimes even daily or more times per day).

Obviously, Google can’t allow problems to slide by them, given the importance of the app.

The app reached version 20.39.15. It is available for download currently. You can download it from the Google Play Store or alternative channels, like third-party app stores.

However, we highly suggest that you avoid alternative sources. Google Play Services dictates Android’s well-being, so you don’t want to download it from a sketchy source that is prone to including malware or viruses.

The app typically updates itself automatically, but sometimes it fails to do so. In that case, you can go ahead and install it manually by navigating to its dedicated page on the Google Play Store and tapping the update button.



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