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Google Play Store​ 19.9.21 Update Brings Play Protect to Android Wear and TV Devices

Android users are familiar with the main app store on the operating system, the Google Play Store. The online marketplace provides a large collection of content to download and install, including more than 82 billion games, applications, ebooks, movies, and TV programs.

Google Play Store’s Highlights

Google Play Store has replaced the initial Android Market app that came with the operating system, back in 2012. The service is able to filter the list of apps to those compatible with the user’s device, and sometimes restrict some applications where developers have tied-in their creation to certain carriers or countries.

The Play Store app is not open-source, meaning that only Android devices that met Google‘s compatibility requirements can install and access the app. The initial Android Market application has passed most of its features to Google’s service, such as the search bar that offers users the possibility to find relevant content in a simple and quick way.

The content on Google Play Store is available for free or for a premium price. Google released regular updates for the service that comes with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Still, many users have complained that after the software giant tried to add new features, the interface of the app became a bit crowded.

The update to the Material Theme was loved by most users as it optimized the design of the app and made it much easier to navigate on. The content on Google Play Store is categorized into three main labels: Games, Apps, and Books.

Google Play Store 19.9.21 Update

The latest update to the app is meant for users who are located in certain countries that have the option to buy or rent movies, TV programs, and TV series from Google Play Store. The roll-out, Google Play Store 19.9.21 update, comes with the Play Protect feature as well, which makes sure that the content on the app is clean and poses no risk. Performance improvements have also been brought by the latest update, as well as some bug fixes.



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