Google Play Store 17.3.30 for Android TV Is Available With Improvements

Most Android users have used the Google Play Store at least once, as the app is the primary source of apps and games for the platform. In the early days of Android, Google released the Android Market as a central hub that offered the ability to download new apps and games. The app became a quick hit among users since it was quite easy to track down your favorite app and download it with a few taps.

As time passed, Google decided to release apps that offered other types of content to the market, among which we can count books, music, movies and television series. The name became quite confusing for some users since it was hard to tell if the app offered relevant content for them, and the interface became clustered as new sections were added.

To mitigate this issue and maximize the commercial potential of the app, Google decided to retire the Android Market and replaced it with the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store 17.3.30 for Android TV Is Available With Improvements

The new storefront was redesigned as an all-in-one app that united content from Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBooks under one umbrella. It is estimated that over 3.5 million apps can be found and downloaded from the Google Play Store, with most of them being free while others offer a freemium experience or ask the user to pay a full price for a license.

Google implemented a variety of new visual styles since the app was launched with the newest one being released in August 2019. The Material Theme seeks to bring a unified look among all of the core Google apps, among which we can count Calendar, Photos, Drive, Keep, Opinion Rewards, and others.

As technology continued to evolve, a special version of the Play Store was developed for smart TVs that use Android TV as an operating system. Google Play Store 17.3.30 comes with performance improvements and bug fixes.

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