Google Play Store 17.8.13 Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Many Android users have used the Google Play Store at least once. The popular storefront app offers a wealth of content, some for free and some in exchange for a fee. Read below to learn more about it, including its purpose, feature, and utility.

What is the Google Play Store?

Known in the past as Android Market, the Google Play Store is a digital distribution platform offered and updated by Google. The app serves as the default app store for the Android operating system and provides the option to download games and apps developed with the help of the Android SDK.

Besides apps and games, the service also offers a selection of media content, among which we can count music, books, television programs, and movies. In the past, it also provided the option to purchase hardware devices made by Google, but the feature was removed when Google decided to release a standalone Google Store in 2015.

Google Play Store Features


A large number of older Android versions offered access to the Android Market, which was released by Google in August 2008. The Android Market was focused on apps and games, while additional apps published by Google offered access to eBooks and music.

As time pass Google decided that the Android Market had to be revamped. The functionalities of other apps were also added to reduce cluttering by offering an all-in-one digital storefront that can be used by everyone.

Utility features

In addition to the ability to offer content, the app also allows users to update their apps and games automatically or manually and to uninstall apps without the need to visit the app manager. Users can also leave reviews for their favorite content, and excellent products are highlighted by an Editor’s Choice note.

What’s New in Google Play Store 17.8.13?

Google is continuously working to improve the user experience. The latest update, Google Play Store 17.8.13, comes with new stability improvements and bug fixes.

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