Google Play Store 17.8.14 Update Comes With Improvements

Google Play Store is the most known tool for Android phones. The app offered by Google is practically your online shop for all the things you want to download – apps, books, songs, movies, and many more.

The app is continuously updated by Google and has more than 450.000 apps and millions of users. Most of the apps are free to use, but you will also find apps that will charge you with a fee if you want it. The latest update for the Google Play Store is version 17.8.14 and comes with a lot of improvements.

What’s new in Google Play Store 17.8.14?

The latest update is coming with bug fixes, changes, and new designs. You will see changes at the Details Page, Uninstall Manager, What’s New, and also support for fingerprint readers. The design language is changed as well, alongside the animations and the iconography. Google Play Store is not the only one getting new style changes, as we see at Calendar, Drive, or Photos.

Moreover, if you take a closer look at the What’s New menu, you will see the change of the color’s intensity and the shift in position. The Widget Suggestion icons comes now flat, looking like a paper. Google will change in time the notification icon for the status bar. Talking about icons, even the Play Store icon is looking now flattered with the addition of Material design elements.

Besides this, new mods are available now. The language pack includes now BE, EN, RU, and UK. What is more soothing now is the fact that the advertising is disabled, you have a clean manifest, and the graphics are optimized. Also, take note that if you have an Android TV, Google has got you covered. You can have Play Store for your smart TV as well, with improvements and features.
Finally, upgrade to Google Play Store 17.8.14 if you want to have all the bug fixes, changes, new features, and improvements.

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