Google Play Store 17.8.17 Is Now Available For Android TV

Many Android users are familiar with the Google Play Store, which offers a rich selection of apps, games, and eBooks.

Those who have used Android smartphones in the early days remember that the Google Play Store used to be known as the Android Market. The release of the Android Market was a significant boon for the early versions of Android since it allowed users to download new games and apps without the need to use other accessories.

At first, the Android Market offered the ability to download apps and games that were available for free or a small fee. The popularity of the platform encouraged Google to add other types of content, among which we can count eBooks, songs, and others.

In time the Android Market became quite cluttered, and Google decided to revamp the app. Google Play Store was designed from the ground up as a superior successor, and it offers a cleaner interface and additional features that couldn’t have been implemented otherwise.

What’s New In the Google Play Store 17.8.17 Update For Android TV?

One of the most useful features is Play Protect, which scans apps that are uploaded by developers. If something seems to be odd, Play Protect will not allow you to install the suspicious app, which could be filled with dangerous malware.

In recent years smart TVs have started to become more popular as the prices continued to drop. One great benefit is the ability to run a selection of useful apps directly on your TV, without the need to connect a computer or other accessories.

Many popular TVs come with Android TV, a custom version of the operating system which was designed specifically for this platform. Android TV includes many of the popular features that made Android the most significant OS in the world for smartphones.

It offers support for a large selection of streaming services, handy apps, and fun games. The latest Google Play Store update for Android TV, 17.8.17, comes with new performance improvements.

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