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Google Play Store 17.8.20 Update for Android TV is Available to Download

Google Play Store is the main marketplace Android-powered devices come with. Android’s biggest advantage, as reported by numerous users, is the fact that it allows access to the Google Play Store, which comes as a default application with the operating system.

Google Play Store is the most popular app library in the world, packing millions of apps and mobile games. Even so, all users of the Android operating system know that the platform has had its share in malicious apps. That is the reason why the developers are releasing regular updates for the app.

Why Installing Every Update is Necessary

By installing every update that the technology giant releases, users can stay safe and protected against numerous attacks and vulnerabilities, the old update might be subjected to. The latest roll-out, Google Play Store 17.8.20 update, is a release meant for all Android TVs.

Privacy concerns have been gradually increasing for the last few years, with more and more people understanding the significance of security and privacy-based features that come in new updates. Google is also aware of this; hence, it tries to implement as many privacy and security features as possible in every update that it releases.

Google Play Store 17.8.20 Update​ for Android TV

The app library has just received a new update, which is being rolled out via over-the-air, or OTA channels. The release, Google Play Store 17.8.20 update​, is meant for Android TVs, and it is available to download and install. To get the new release, simply keep the device connected to a stable Wi-Fi network in order for the update to automatically download.

The new update doesn’t pack any new exciting features, but it enhances the overall performance of the app and fixes a few bugs the developers have discovered within it.

Here are the complete app notes the developers have written in the update’s description:
[0] – For all devices
[5] – For Android Wear devices
[8] – For Android TV devices



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