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Google Play Store 17.9.17 Update Rolled Out With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Any Android user has interacted with the Google Play Store at least once, as they may have searched for an interesting game, a new app, or other content.

The Google Play Store is an essential part of the Android ecosystem, allowing users to download new content, among which we can count new games, apps, eBooks, movies, and videos. It also offers a seamless way to update installed apps, and the content that is present on the platform is certified by Google as secure.

Those who used Android in the past may remember an app that was known under the name of the Android Market. The marketplace app offered players the chance to enjoy new apps and games which were available for a fee or for free.

In time Google decided to add other types of content to the service, and the app became crowded. The name was also confusing since there was no need to own an Android device to buy and use some types of content. The existence of other Google apps that were needed to open songs or eBooks bought from the marketplace meant that less space was available for other tasks or content.

Google Play Store 17.9.17 Rolled Out With Bug Fixes and Improvements

To improve the user experience, Google decided to revamp the app, and the Google Play Store was released as a replacement. The app came with a fresh redesign that allowed users to quickly access their desired content without the need to sort through unrelated stuff.

Users have the option to pay for premium content with the help of a debit or credit card or by using Google gift cards or with PayPal. There is an option to pay with your carrier, and the cost will be added to the carrier bill.

While the option to use a different app store is available, Google advises users to be careful since malevolent entities can offer content that is infected with malware.

The latest update, Google Play Store 17.9.17, comes with new bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. The update is set to roll out on Android smartphone as OTA anytime soon.



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