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Google Play Store 18.3.13 Update Brings Performance Enhancements And Bug Fixes

Google has been hard at work on a variety of projects, but the company is committed to the delivery of steady updates for all the core Android apps, with the Google Play Store being an essential one.

It is well-known that the Google Play Store is a key part of the Android operating system, as it fulfills a variety of roles while also offering several handy and useful features. Below you can find some interesting details about the app.

A Short History of Google Play Store


In the past, the Google Play Store used to be known under the name of the Android Market. The Android Market was released in 2008 as one of the first digital storefronts for smartphones. At the start, it offered the ability to download and install apps directly on your device.


The success of the initiative encouraged Google to support the app by releasing regular updates and new content that could be enjoyed by the users. Besides games and apps, users also had the option to purchase eBooks, music, and movies.

Bloat and disorder

Over time the app started to overflow with content as other problems surfaced. Some users were confused by the name since you didn’t need to own an Android device to purchase content like eBooks and music from the store.


A fresh start was needed, and Google decided to go for it. In 2012 the aging and bloated Android Market was replaced by the Google Play Store via a direct over-the-air update. The new storefront came with a reinvented user interface which divided the content into clearly-accessible categories. The company also decided to reunite other apps under the Play umbrella in an attempt to make them more user-friendly in the long run.

What’s New in Google Play Store 18.3.13?

Besides offering access to content, Google Play Store will also keep your apps updated and it will also scan your device to remove apps that aren’t secure.

The latest update, the Google Play Store 18.3.13 version, comes only with some stability and performance enhancements, along with some bug fixes for better user experience with the app.



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