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Google Play Store 18.5.43 Update Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

In the present, millions of people access the Google Play Store to download and enjoy a large assortment of apps, games, eBooks and other media content. While many of the features that are offered by the Play Store today are taken for granted by the users, this was not always the case.

In the early days of Android, users who wanted to get new apps and games for their device had to use the Android Market.

About the Google Play Store

The platform was launched in 2008 and allowed developers to offer apps and games for free or for a fee.

It became quite popular among Android users, and Google decided to usher in more diversity by allowing users to download other media content, among which we can count music, eBooks or licensed video content.

However, at some point, the name of the app became a bit confusing since most of the functionalities offered by it weren’t tied to an Android device. For example, users could download an eBook and use a reader program on their PC to access and enjoy it.

The interface was also a bit cluttered, and it was a bit difficult to find what you want. This led to user complaints which encouraged Google to offer a revamped experience.

What’s new in the latest Google Play Store update?

Enter the Google Play Store, which was designed from the ground up to deliver an accessible user interface. The content was split into three different categories: Apps, Games, and Books.

In select regions across the world, some users will also gain access to a video version that offers the ability to purchase movies, TV Shows and TV series.

The new interface also uses the principles of the Material Theme, and it looks quite stylish across all Android devices. It is also worth pointing out that the Play Store will also scan your device and remove any app or game that may contain malicious files.

The latest Google Play Store 18.5.43 update comes with new performance improvements. Also, Google added some bug fixes.



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