Google Play Store 18.6.28 Update Launched With Stability Enhancements And Bug Fixes

For many Android users, the Google Play Store is an essential app, offering access to a wealth of content that can be enjoyed for free or exchange for a small fee. While the Google Play Store appears to be quite elegant today, this was not always the case as a previous storefront was offered in the past.

Veteran Android users will remember the early days of the operating system when the primary source of content was the Android Market. Google developed and offered the app as a competitor against the App Store offered by Apple for iOS devices.

In both cases, the two companies sought to offer content that could be monetized to users while at the same time including the ability to install apps or download the relevant files quite easily.

The Android Market was a big hit among many users, and several popular developers started to bring their apps and games on Android thanks to positive feedback. In time Google decided to offer content like eBooks and songs, which didn’t require the use of an Android device to be accessed.

Google Play Store 18.6.28 Update Launched With Stability Enhancements And Bug Fixes

This led to some confusion as some prospective users thought that the use of an Android device is mandatory since the app was known as Android Market. To prevent further confusion, Google decided to revamp the app a few years ago and the Google Play Store was offered as a replacement for the aging Android Market.

The revamped storefront features a modern design that makes it considerably easier to navigate since the content is now divided into three primary categories: apps, games, and eBooks.

Users in select countries also have the ability to purchase and watch video content such as TV shows and movies on their devices.

Many of the current Android versions are compatible with the Google Play Store, and the app offers a rich selection of additional features. The latest update, Google Play Store 18.6.28, comes with stability improvements and bug fixes.

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