Google Play Store 18.7.13 Update Brings Under The Hood Changes For Improved Performance

For many users, the Google Play Store is an essential part of the user experience since the popular storefront app offers access to a rich selection of content that is enjoyed by millions of people across all over the world.

The success of the first iPhone encourages Google to work harder on the development of the Android OS, which sought to offer an open alternative to the closed OS offered by Apple. Veteran users may remember that during the older versions of Android, they had access to a different storefront app known under the name of the Android Market.

Implemented in 2008, the app offered the ability to download apps and games in a seamless manner. At first, only free apps were available but paid apps where added in 2009 in two countries and at a global level in 2010. In time Google added the other apps that allowed users to buy media content, including eBooks and songs.

What’s new in the latest Google Play Store update?

The existence of several apps that offered content was a bit confusing for some users since they had to switch between them to purchase their favorite content. Other potential customers thought that it was mandatory to own an Android device if they wanted to purchase and access songs and eBooks, but this was not the case.

To address this issue, Google decided to bring a massive revamp in the form of a redesigned storefront. The Google Play Store was released in 2012 as a fresh experience, bringing a friendly user interface, streamlined access to three main sections and a selection of other handy features that keep users safe and their devices in top shape.

Besides the option to download content, the Play Store will also allow users to update their apps, scan uploaded files to verify that they are safe before they can be downloaded and remove harmful apps from your device before they have a chance to cause damage. The latest update, Google Play Store 18.7.13, comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes.

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