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Google Play Store 19.2.24 Update is Now Out

Google‘s Android operating system is incredibly popular for the ​premium user experience it provides for people all over the world. The biggest advantage it has, however, is the Google Play Store, a built-in service people all over the world have on their mobile phones.

The platform is the main market place for all Android-powered mobile devices and the place from which millions of apps and games can be downloaded, as it is the most massive library in the world.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Google Play Store​ is such an important component in Android’s lifespan and popularity, it should come as no surprise that Google is releasing regular updates for it. These updates usually bring overall performance improvements, bug fixes and sometimes, new features. The latest update for Google Play Store​ is now out and available for install.

Google Play Store 19.2.24 Update

If you are using Google Play Store​ as the main market place at which you purchase apps or games, or get them for free, the new update the team of developers behind the platform ​has released is now available.

The latest release, Google Play Store​ 19.2.24 update, is being rolled out through Google’s official over-the-air channels. Therefore, in order to get it automatically, you must make sure than you’re connected to a data mobile or Wi-Fi network. As soon as the update hits your device, it will be automatically installed.

However, if you want to manually install it on your smartphone, you can do so from within the app.

Enhanced Performance and Bug Fixes

The new release for Google Play Store​ is not coming with any exciting new features, but it introduces a series of software changes and improvements that have been specially designed to enhance the overall software stability and performance of the online market place.​



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