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Google Play Store 19.3.36 Update for Android TV is Now Available to Download

Google Play Store is one of the most important parts of the Android mobile operating system. It is the main platform for all apps and games, either free or purchasable, as well as ebooks, movies, TV shows, and music. The app can be used on Android TV, with the update that just rolled out specifically released for this particular version of the operating system.

The service seems to be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but it is easy to navigate after you got a hold of it. There are numerous commands, actions, and other activities available within the app, but they are not that complicated to understand and use.

Google Play Store’s Function

Google Play Store is basically a digital storefront for different types of media, but it is more used to download various apps and games. Still, the platform also sells ebooks, TV shows, movies, and music. Everything on the marketplace, besides apps and games, has its own app so you can optionally use those parts only.

The platform was initially named Android Market and was released back in October of 2008. It got numerous user interface updates during this time, as well as more content and new functionalities. It changed its name to the Play Store in March of 2012, and it has been that way since.

Although the Google Play Store is mainly associated with Android, it is not a part of the conventional Android experience. It is, in fact, an additional piece of software for Google‘s particular Android operating system.

That is why the Google Play Store is not available on Android branches like Amazon’s Fire OS. Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEM, have to stick to a certain set of rules to get Google apps and the Play Store is part of that pack.

The developers update the app on a regular basis, most of the time only fixing bugs and improving the overall user experience with some basic performance enhancements, but, at times, the updates also come with new features and functionalities.

Google Play Store 19.3.36 Update for Android TV

The latest roll-out for Android TV, Google Play Store 19.3.36 update, only brings some overall improvements and bug fixes.



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