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Google Play Store 22.0.18 Update Available With Bug Fixes

Google is one of the most significant tech giants the world has ever seen. It is famous thanks to many of its innovations and products.

One of their most popular product is the Android operating system.

Android ran and runs on billions of devices all across the globe. Its main rival is Apple’s iOS.

About The App

Android got so popular thanks to its simplicity and performance.

Most Android smartphones come with Google Play Store pre-installed. It’s the app you use to get other apps!

The Google Play Store is straightforward to use – you only need to log in, search for an app, find the app you want and many alternatives, make a pick, and tap the download button! It’s as simple as that.

The chances are that you already used Google Play Store for dozens of times. After all, it’s the app we use to download other apps!

However, though it is so unique, it is like any other one, so it requires updates now and then. More than that, it’s an app meant to run on all Android devices out there, so it must run impeccably at all times! Therefore, Google developers work tirelessly to keep the app updated, free of bugs and glitches, and reliable at all times.

Current Version

Google Play Store has just reached version 22.0.18.

With each new update, the app gets incrementally better.

This is a small update, featuring some hotfixes and small improvements.

However, Google sometimes releases bigger updates that feature significant changes like layouts, themes, or extra in-app content.

Ensure that you update the app so that you won’t be missing out on the top-notch performance!



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