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Google Play Store Adds ‘Premium’ Section for Games Compatible With Chromebook

Last month, we saw something that’s not that usual: an Android app developed with Chrome OS in mind. Android applications are normally considered a last option for Chromebooks and used only if one cannot find a web app to do the job.  

Most such apps are not created for desktop interfaces and can often not function properly in that setting. However, it looks like Google intends to change that with a new section in the Play Store. The acclaimed Android store on Chrome OS now has a new segment dedicated to ‘Premium’ games for Chromebooks.  

The new section’s description reads: “We’ve picked the games that play well on Chromebooks,” pointing out to the fact that this is a curated selection coming from Google. The page is not available for everyone as of yet, but some users were able to see it on their Chromebook.  

Some Games Hosted in the Premium Section  

Here is the current list of games you can find in the section:  

Obviously, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying almost any Android game on a Chromebook, but the concept of the new section in the Google Play Store is these titles are better fitted for a Chrome OS device. These games might run better with a mouse and keyboard unlike other titles that depend more on touch input, and they might also look better on the large screens most Chromebooks have.  

As we already mentioned, the new Google Play Store section is not yet live for every user as it seems to be released via a server-side switch. However, the segment is a sign that Google intends to focus more on developers who are creating applications and games for Chrome OS devices. 



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