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Google Play Store Alternatives For Huawei Smartphones

As Google has suspended business with Huawei and basically preventing the manufacturer’s handsets after the P30 series to access Android, Google Play Store, and Google services, it has stressed an issue that should be taken seriously: what should users do if it ever happens to be unable to access the Google Play Store?

Fortunately, there are actually a few Play Store alternatives on the market in which you can find apps and games for all devices that do not have access to Google services. The library of apps might not be as large and varied in comparison to that on the Google Play Store​, which means you might have to look for more than one source, but it is the only option you actually have.

The good thing about having another source than Google Play Store​ means that sometimes, you can get apps that Google might restrict from its store. The bad side is that depending on the app store you’re using, refund policies may differ. Moreover, with most stores not providing protection as to what apps are being uploaded on the platform, you could potentially open yourself to malware or viruses, so this is a key thing to consider.

Amazon App Store

For those not familiar with this information, Amazon actually has its own app market. The Amazon App Store was initially released years ago together with the company’s Fire tablets, but even if you don’t own one of these tablets, you can still use the store.

​The platform has a selection of both paid and free apps to use and choose from. Moreover, it provides a bunch of movies, books, music, and TV shows you can buy and download. The multitude of services and features it offers makes the Amazon App Store one of the closest alternatives to the Google Play Store​.


APKMirror works as a sort of mirror to the Play Store. The APK files downloaded from the website can be updated through the Google Play Store​, which means you don’t have to concern yourself with compatibility and future updates.​

As per the website, APKMirror was created in part so that users who want the most recent version of apps can get it in advance, rather than waiting for the update to roll out via the Google Play Store​. It also passes geo-restrictions, which means that apps limited to a certain region or country can still be downloaded and installed, no matter where you live.


Uptodown is an app store that not only hosts Android apps but also has builds for other platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and so on. Its design is similar to that of the Google Play Store​, which means you should be able to use it without having to learn to browse it first.

However, the number of apps available is low when compared to that on the Google Play Store​, but mainly, you’ll be able to find what you need or something similar. The service also has its own in-built malware scanner, meaning that most apps should be malware-free.


GetJar is among the oldest app stores on the market. Launched back in 2004, it houses many Android apps you can get for free. As mentioned earlier, some of these platforms might not have the same apps as the Google Play Store​, and GetJar is one of those instances.

Still, it has many apps you can choose from, so if you’re fine using an alternative, this won’t be an issue.


If you’re looking for something a bit more different than the Google Play Store​, F-Droid is the perfect option for you. F-Droid is an app store that can be installed from its official website; what makes it different is the fact that it has a plethora of apps that are free and open source.

Therefore, if you are a developer, you can download these apps, look at their code, and then create forked versions of it. Obviously, some of those apps might not have the same refinement one might expect from a renowned developer, but there could be something you’ll find interesting.

Install the Google Play Store on Huawei Devices

As great as these alternatives are, it is rather hard to ignore the fact that Google Play Store​ has probably become the best app store for Android devices. Not only it offers various protections, but most developers tend to upload their apps to the Google Play Store​, which meant there is a greater chance to find what you need on there.

With the ban still in place, there is no official method to download the Google Play Store​ on your Huawei device, but we did write up a workaround (even two) that you’ll definitely want to check out of you want to download the Google Play Store​ on your Huawei.



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