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Google Play Store App Submissions Delayed For Seven Days or More

Tech giant Google has warned developers registered on its Play Store platform ​that app reviews might take a few days, more precisely, seven or more because of the work schedule adjustments currently taking place at the company.

This means that new app submissions will be delayed for seven days or more, and even a number of updates might take longer to roll out if they happen to set off a manual review.

Back in 2019, Google widely advised a ‘buffer period’ of a minimum of three days for developers to plan for, but it later updated its Play Console documentation to mention the fact that app reviews can take about seven days or more in unusual cases. Those exceptional times being this period that we now go through, a seven days window has allegedly been extended to all app reviews.

Google Developers Should Factor the Extra Delays Into Their Planning

We should, however, mention the fact that Google is not completely clear about what exactly triggers an app review. Even though all new application submissions are requested to have one, updates for certain categories of apps, such as those targeting children, also set off a manual review.

Still, at times, app updates to be found in other innocuous labels have known for a while to trigger reviews, and there is no apparent rhyme or cause. Numerous users and portals have reached out to Google for more details on the issue, but until the tech giant released a statement, developers were advised to factor the additional delays into their planning.

A Google representative released, not long ago, the following statement:

“Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are currently experiencing longer than usual review times. While the situation is currently evolving, app review times may fluctuate and may take seven days or longer.”​



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