Google Play Store Bug Messes Up With The Images In The App

Google Play Store is viewed as one of the most critical applications on Android. Users are allowed to download an impressive amount of content, ranging from e-books, games, movies, or music. It is a user-friendly application, but having as well many commands and actions buttons. The app works as a connection between the user and the application, is mostly taken for granted.

Google Play Store is a top choice for the vast majority of Android users since it offers an impressive number of apps. Unfortunately, users are now experiencing difficulties in determining the appearance of apps after a strange bug hits the Google Play Store.

It would not be the first time that fans are experiencing problems with Google Play Store. The easiest method of solving any issue would be giving your phone a fresh start by performing a factory data reset. Bear in mind that this option erases everything on your device, and there is no way of getting it back.

This Google Play Store bug is only regional

The complaints are showing that the app icons and images are no longer visible on the storefront. Dozens of users have reported this issue on the forum entitled Google Play Help. Others have voiced their opinions on Reddit.

In addition to this, several users already tried fixing this error, believing that it may be caused by their excessive data procession on their devices. They tried deleting the app cache and the app data, as well as restarting the phone, but nothing seemed to work.

What is even more interesting is that most of the users affected are based in South Africa. Furthermore, the officials from Android Authority have reported that German and Indian members have not reported such issues with their application. Therefore, fans have reached the conclusion that the Google Play Store bug is a regional problem and not one of the global interest.

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