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Google Play Store: Can’t Find it on Your Device? Here’s What to do

Is Google Play Store missing from your device? Don’t panic. Many Android users have faced this issue. Today, we’ll show you how to fix it and have the Google Play Store back on your device in no time. From simple settings adjustments to more advanced solutions, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started.

Google Play Store Missing – Here Are Quick Fixes!

Google Play Store comes as a default app in all Android versions. The service is the leading app store Android-running devices use, but sometimes it can encounter issues or errors people do not know how to handle.​ Some users have reported not finding the app’s icon anywhere on the device, or even accidentally deleting the service.

Since it is a pre-installed application, you can’t uninstall Google Play Store. However, you can delete it, making it impossible to spot it again. Here are a few things you might have mistakenly done and what do if you cannot find it.

You moved it from the home screen

There is a big chance you have only removed the app from your Home screen, but not deleted it forever. For those who do not know, apps can be present in two different places at the same time. These places include the app drawer and the Home screen. While the app drawer has all the installed apps on the device, you can keep only the apps that you use most of the time on the Home screen.

If you cannot find the store on the Home screen, simply open the app drawer by swiping up on the Home screen or tapping on the icon made explicitly for it. To put the app back on the Home screen, tap, hold and drag the Google Play Store icon to the Home display. If this doesn’t work, simply tap on it and hold, then select ‘Add to the Home screen.’

Verify the hidden apps category

Another reason why you cannot find the Play Store app is that you might have hidden it by mistake. There is a ‘Hidden Apps’ option in any device, usually accessible in the launcher’s settings. To head to this option, open the launched and go to its settings menu. Scroll down to find the ‘Hidden Apps’ label, tap on it and deselect the apps you do not want to hide; in our case, Google Play Store.

Enable it from the device’s settings

As we mentioned before, you cannot uninstall the Google Play Store, but you can disable it. To re-enable it, launch the ‘Settings’ icon on your device. Then, head over to ‘Apps and Notifications’ or ‘Applications Manager’ or ‘Installed Apps.‘ Tap on the ‘All Apps’ option and look for the Google Play Store.

Tap on the icon and select the three-dot menu at the top side of the screen. Next, go to ‘Show System’ or ‘Show System Apps’ and find Google Play Store. If the service is disabled, tap on the ‘Enable’ option. Finally, before using the app, wait for about five minutes for it to update to the latest version in the background.

Install Google Play Store from an APK source

If you have installed the app from an APK source, you need to uninstall and reinstall it again from a reliable source such as APKMirror. Before the installation process begins, you have to permit the device to install an app from unknown sources.

These fixes should help you get back the Google Play Store service. If you find the post useful, give it a thumbs up and share it within your social network; perhaps someone might need it.




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