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Google Play Store Data Mining Unveils Automatic Install for Pre-Registered Upcoming Games

XDA Developers released a teardown recently in which unveiled some features and news. It seems that the Google Play Store might be introducing a new feature, so we can pre-register and then receive notifications.

About the Recent Google Play Store Data Mining

Such a thing means that you’ll get your desired upcoming game directly installed on your phone automatically. Three sequences in total were found inside v18.6.28 of the Play Store, and all of them are related to pre-registering, while others were linked to some “auto-install” feature.

The statement reads: “You pre-registered for this app, and it’s now installed on your device. Enjoy the app!” Another almost similar message for games was also seen.

So teardowns acting exactly like some teardowns, some features identified to be under development, which might not reach their final status. But the existence of those upgrades shows it precisely that Google is considering that idea, even if we may never see it happening.

Pre-registration Comes as Available on the Google Play Store

Pre-registration for some upcoming titles on the Play Store first ran in 2015. So, to get better the idea, after picking an exciting title, for example, you will receive a notification that announces you when you download the app.

Even if we don’t know precisely what extra features will be introduced, such as additional controls or other options, we could be surprised at what could bring this upcoming auto-install feature. If you are, let’s say, interested in a particular title and permitted to install the app when specific guarantees were released, but if the details change, so maybe there are chances to change your decision, too.

Moreover, if and when Google Play Store will finally decide upon a final project, we don’t know for sure. But, according to some rumors, we might see a lot of changes.



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