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Google Play Store Error 920 “Can’t Be Downloaded” – How To Fix

If you recently tried to download an app from the Google Play Store but couldn’t because of the “Error Code 920” message, this article is what you are looking for.

The issue is extremely annoying, as it does not let you know why your device cannot install the app.

Alternatively, it leaves the ball in your court so you don’t have to troubleshoot yourself.

Fixing The Error

The error code 920 can be provoked by a set of different reasons.

The error that makes apps unable to download isn’t always a network problem, but that’s the first place to check out.

First, restart your device and try to download the same app again. You’ll be surprised that, in some cases, the error code 920 goes away merely by turning your device off and on again.

If that has not fixed the problem, check that your device has a stable connection to the internet. The code can also be provoked by an unstable relationship, like when your phone switches from Wi-Fi to cellular data vice-versa.

If that still hasn’t fixed it, ensure that Google Play is up and running. Look up “Down detector” on Google and then search for Google Play. If others reported the same problem, then the service is at fault, and there’s nothing you can do but wait for it to come back online.

Finally, another way to clearing the error code is by removing the app’s cache. Go to your phone’s settings app -> apps -> Google Play Store -> Clear cache. In many cases, that fixes the problem.

Be aware that clearing the cache might require you to sign back into Google Play.

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