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Google Play Store Has Removed Yet Another Series of Dangerous Apps

We have all seen how Google decided to delete 80 apps from its Play Store because the developers of these apps were infecting the devices. As a result of their scheme, the respective phones got full with unwanted ads. Unfortunately, the threat is not over, because the company apparently has discovered 25 more apps like this.

These new apps are actually dangerous because what they do is to steal Facebook user credential details if they open their accounts on the phone. This perilous malware has been discovered by cyber-security firm Evina, which has also confirmed that the apps come with specific functionality, and they infect the devices.

As soon as you install one of these apps, the hidden code, which is usually placed within the app, stars to steal personal data, and its ways are not very nice. The code first gets activated and then waits for when the user opens the Facebook app, and then it starts to do its thing – and that is, to steal data.

The malware can also mimic Facebook and show a web browser window, which directs you to a fake login page in order to distract the user. These pages are not able to identify any average user, because when a user enters its login detail,s all of them are sent to the hackers behind these apps.

According to the CTO of Evina, Lionel Ferri, the malware cannot be identified by Facebook, because it appears in front just as the app opens.

Google has removed all of the 25 apps after Evina confirmed that they were dangerous. However, the apps included in this list have been available for download for about 2 years now, and they may have infected 2.3 million users up until now.



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