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Google Play Store: Here’s How to Sign up for a Beta App

Beta testing is useful for both gamers and developers. Beta testers get to see the game before everyone else, but it comes with great responsibility: they need to report the bugs and give feedback to the developers. We have written this article to tell you how to sign up for the beta version of an app.

Closed beta vs. early access

Closed betas are done with invites online, and are available via a form of direct contact with the developers. The opportunities to sign up are announced through Twitter or Facebook. Feral Games twitted many occasions, and all you had to do was to fill out a Google Form and wait to get the invite. The access depends on the country you live in, and the smartphone you intend to play the game on. If you do something that violates the terms and conditions, your access can be revoked. You are invited to play a game that’s still in works, so it is expected for you not to share any details of the game – you only need to report bugs and give general feedback so they can improve the game.

The Early access can usually be found in the Google Play Store. It’s really like beta, except it’s open to the public, and you will have to pay so you can play it.

How to join the Early Access games

Find and open the Google Play Store on your phone. Then scroll down until you find the Be the first to play section. Tap on the arrow to expand the entire section, and you will find the games in open beta which are available to download. It is the same process as downloading any other app from there, but there is one difference. The early access games appear in the beta tab in the “My apps & games” section.

Can I join the beta program for some apps?

App developers can offer beta programs for regular users who want to test out the new features before they actually make the cut. In order to see if an app has a beta program for you to join, you need to look at its Play Store listing.

So you need to scroll down on the app listing in the Play Store. If there’s the option, tap on Join the beta. Then tap Join.




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