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Google Play Store – How to Fix the Error Code 920

​Google Play Store users have encountered the Error Code 920 at some point, which appears accompanied by a message saying an app ‘cannot be downloaded.’

This issue can be annoying as it doesn’t state the reason behind the inability to download the application, but it leaves the ball in your court, which means you have to deal with the error by yourself.

If you have received this error message and had o idea how to troubleshoot it, here’s a short informative article that will help you deal with it.

How to Fix the Google Play Store Error Code 920 on Android

There are a few things that can cause Error Code 920 when using the Google Play Store​ on your Android device. The issue that makes apps unable to download is not necessarily a network problem, but that is the simplest place to start.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with Error Code 920:

Restart your phone

Before you try anything, make sure you restart your mobile phone and try to download the app again. Sometimes, solving issues like this one is as simple as restarting your smartphone.

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet

The Error Code 920 issue can be caused by loss of connection to the Google Play Store​ servers in the mid-download. This can often happen as no Internet service are perfect, so make sure to check that you’re actually connected to a network that’s stable and try to download the desired app again. 

Make sure the Google Play Store isn’t down

Sometimes, issues can occur when the Google Play Store​ is down. In this case, you can double-check Downdetector to see if the app is really not functioning, and other users are experiencing similar problems. If the servers are indeed down, the only thing you can do is wait until Google restores the store’s functionality.

Clear the cache

Another fix you can try when encountering the Error Code 920 on Google Play Store​ is to clear the app’s cache – you can do so via your phone’s settings menu. This simple tip can often fix issues with applications crashing, malfunctioning, or slowing down.

For more tips on Google Play Store​, check out this post, as well as our guide on how to install it on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.



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