Google Play Store is Not Showing Newly Released Apps and Games

In the last few months, Google has incorporated some brand new features in its Play Store app. The app has recently got a new dark theme for devices running Android 10, one-tap buttons to deregister from beta versions of applications, clean wishlists, and so on. In addition, we’ve seen a few clues of a forthcoming incognito mode.

However, while Google may be working hard to release these new attires, there is a serious bug on the Play Store that is still unfixed. The bug has been reported by numerous users, and it affects the search functionality of the app and doesn’t show recently added applications, although you’d use the right keywords.

Altering Keywords to Get Something on Google Play Store

A new report from Android Authority says that the bug restricts you from finding specific apps and games on the Google Play Store. These apps, which are all accessible and ready to use, are not depicted in the search results even if you search them by their full name.

For instance, searching for the game ‘Deliver The Duck’ shows related results, but it doesn’t show the actual game. The app is nowhere to find even if you search using the full title, which is ‘Deliver The Duck Water Game.’ However, the game does appear if you type the title this way: ‘Deliver_The_Duck.’

The issue was reported by numerous renown developers on either Google Play Help forums or on the Google Issue Tracker. At the moment, it is not clear what the actual issue creates this situation, but it appears that Google might be hiding these search results for a certain reason.

Even so, the fact that users cannot find the apps they are searching unless altering the search keywords, makes us believe that the problem might be the consequence of the latest adjustments in the search algorithm. Google has not officially commented on the issue, but a post on the Issue Tracker seems to reveal that the development team has been informed about the problem.

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