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Google Play Store Issues? We Got Your Back With These Simple Tips

Sometimes the Google Play Store just does not want to work. There are plenty of issues we get from the app, and we have plenty of solutions for you to try

Make sure you get the latest version of the Google Play Services app

This will help you a lot. It’s important to have up-to-date apps on your Android phone. Make sure that Google Play Store is updated to the latest version. For this, go to Settings. Under General, you should see the Google Play app updates. Press on Auto-update apps – you may want to have Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi checked. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Then check for updates.

Reset your Google account

By taking this step, you understand that your entire phone will reset, and not just the Google Play Store. If you don’t know your account information, you could lose it.

Remove your account and add it again. In order to do so, go to Settings and to Accounts. Then, tap on the Google account that you want to remove, and then go to the menu icon, and tap Remove account. You will need to do this for every account on your device.

Now, enter your Google account again. Go to Settings, to Account. Then press on Add Account.

Third-party apps are in your way

The issue might come from a whole different place – perhaps a third-party account. Check all of your disabled apps, and enable Download Manager. If it still does not work, disable your VPN.

Disabled apps might be a problem

A lot of the apps we get on our phone need other apps for them to work properly. This happens especially when you have system apps, like the one that’s causing you trouble – Google Play Store. If you have disabled an app, this could be the root of your problem. But we know how to fix it.

Go to your Settings and then to Application manager. Go to the bottom of the page – that’s where you’ll see all of your disabled apps. If you see any of the services being disabled, you should enable them.

Enable Download Manager

The Play Store might stop working if your Download Manager is not enabled. Go to Settings, and tap the Application manager. There, find Downloads and press it. If the Download manager is disabled, then press on Enable.

Your VPN is not your friend in this case

If you do have a VPN, then you are probably happy that you can enjoy all the content outside your geographic location. You can also use it to install an app in the Play Store from another country. But it may also be the source of your problems.

If you encounter problems with your Google Play Store, you should disable it. Go to Settings, then to More. Find the VPN and toggle it off.

Factory data reset might be a good option, after all

If nothing works, then you have one more way out, but it’s quite a drastic measure. You will need to perform a factory data reset. This means that you will lose all of your data. Make sure you do a backup before you start the process.

Go to Settings, to Backup & reset. The slider on Back up my data should be on. Tap on Back up account in order to select the account that you want your data to be backed up to.

After that, go to the Backup & reset menu and find Factory data reset  – it should be at the bottom. After you confirm that you want to do this, your phone will be as day one – empty and ready to be filled. All of your data will be restored when you log back into your Google Account.



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